Light specifications small hall

Light specifications small hall

13 oktober 2020


Lightplot & DMX Small Hall
Patchview Small Hall

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For information and requests regarding Duycker Lights,
please contact Duycker’s Chief lighting technician:
Myron de Jong

Specifications Small Hall

2 x 32A (3 phase, CEE Red)
1 x 63A (3 phase, CEE Red)

Avolites Quartz & Mobile Wing (15.0)

(all fixtures are controlled via Art-net to DMX)

On Stage:
6 x Robe DL4S Profile (Mode 2)
11 x Robe Parfect 150 (Mode 2)
4 x Briteq Cob blinder 2x100w 4 ch
1 x Swefog XEON II Intellahazer

5 x Robe Robin Parfect 150 (Mode 1)

6 x Spectral M1500 Q4 (25 channel)

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