Houserider bands small hall

Houserider bands small hall

02 februari 2016

Houserider bands small hall

Podium Duycker
Raadhuisplein 5
2132 TZ Hoofddorp
Tel: 023-5623310


Small hall:            250 (with balcony open)

Max Sound Level

103 dB(A) LAeq 15 min
Monitored with 10EaZy, exceeding this limit will not be tolerated!


Permanent stage: 8,00 x 3,50 m                                                                              Side stage left & right: 1,00 m
Height: 0,80 m
Due to the limited size of the stage we don’t provide risers
Clearance 6,00 m

Power supply

CEE-form 2 phase + earth
12 x 2 phase 16 A on stage (2 x off stage) (Sound)
4   x 2 phase 32 A On stage (Sound)
1 x 32 A CEE (norm IEC 60309) (Light)


Load in with ramp & dock shelter. Secured parking space for trucks and tour busses.

Setup and sound check time

Standard time for setup and sound check for the main act is 2 hours.

Hall expenses

Fixed expenses including; standard house P.A and lights, standard promotion, standard crew including:
1 sound engineer, 1 light operator and 1 stagehand,standard security.


Duycker needs a copy of the passport of all performing artists to make payment possible.

P.A. Specifications SMALL HALL


Front of House

1             Soundcraft VI3000 for FOH & Monitors
1             CD player


4             L’acoustics ARCS full range element
4             SB18i 18” sub


2             LA4
1             LA8


8             Synco CW 152 Floor monitors
1             Synco SW 152 Drum fill
2             Synco Quad Mon Rack
1             Synco Single Mon Rack

Microphones / DI’s

6             Shure SM58
6             Shure SM57
2             Shure Beta 58
2             Shure Beta 57
1             Shure Beta 87A
1             Shure Beta 91
2            AKG P220
1             AKG D112
1             Neumann KM184
1             AKG C451E
4             Sennheiser E904
1             Sennheiser E815S
3             Sennheiser MD421
6             Radial Pro48 Active
2             Radial ProDI Passive
2             Radial PROAV1
1          Radial Twin Isolator


1             Shure ULXD4D wireless system with  2 Shure SM58 microphones Dante enabled.
1             DJ-set consisting of 1 x Pioneer DJM 900 nexus
3 x Pioneer CDJ2000 nexus connected with hub
1             Soundcraft UI 16 for dance productions
1             Audio notebook with Dante virtual soundcard
Records up to 48 channels simultaneously to Reaper

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