Thank you for your interest in Duycker!

Duycker believes that music speaks to all people, no matter what language! Music is international and genres like rock, blues, jazz and metal don’t need further explanation. So please, take a look at our Dutch written programme.

In our two concert halls, four rehearsal studios and our pub Duyckercafé, we organise approximately 200 events every year. This includes live concerts (on location), festivals, dance events, open mic nights, jam sessions and free pub concerts. Additionally, Duycker also focusses on talent development. Throughout the year, we organise workshops, teaching programmes and various inspiring cultural events. Duycker offers a place to talents of all ages to express their creative ideas and develop their talent through professional guidance.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have questions left.
We’d love to welcome you at Duycker soon!